Szajna Dynasty Media has been my core business since 1999. My catalog of work consists of recordings in Rock, R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop, Techno, Ethnic and Classical recordings, Television Commercials, Radio Commercials, Educational Media, Documentary Film, Commercial Training Seminars, Concert DVDs and more.

Prior to freelancing I worked in one of the Detroit area’s busiest professional recording studios establishing deep roots into Michigan’s extensive range of talents and personalities. I pride myself on the ability to be fluent in the appropriate sounds, looks, influences and concerns of each individual project.  I strive for bold, high-integrity, durable results on every video, record or document I help create.


Once upon a time I received a letter from a certain high profile celebrity and a certain high profile sweepstakes. The letter spoke of a 40 MILLION DOLLAR prize and how “Stephen Szajna could, with 40 MILLION DOLLARS, actually start his very own SZAJNA DYNASTY.”

Needless to say “Big Ed” didn’t come across with the 40 million so I decided to start the dynasty anyway.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Polish surnames, it’s usually pronounced “Shy-na’,” though countless other pronunciations have been attempted.