Music Production:

Personalized sound tracks, arrangement, Scoring for video, Sound design for video, drum replacement,
creative editing

Video Editing:

Video edited to specifications with titles, transitions and sound suitable for delivery via disc or download.

Remote Recording:
Record 12 tracks of digital audio or shoot digital video at the location of your choice.

Get your mix sounding finished polished and
professional. We can do this one song at a time or as a project.


Pump those finished mixes up so they are ready to go out to radio and digital distribution channels and compete. Put your songs in order, give them that last little spit and polish then create a master suitable for the duplicator. The process for assembling video content onto DVD is similar and I can do that too.

You have questions. I have been at this over 20 years and I’ve taught a LOT of people how to record properly. Talk to me and you’re going to
save yourself a lot of time and money figuring out how to get it done properly. Your first evaluation is free. What have you got to lose?