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Carbonate cements are quite common and plentiful in clastic sequences. They profoundly effect the standard of hydrocarbon reservoirs and provide very important details on palaeoenvironments and the chemical composition and move styles of fluids in sedimentary basins. regardless of this value, their distribution styles in time and area and their geochemical evolution usually are not but deeply explored and elucidated. This designated book includes 21 assessment papers and case reviews on carbonate cementation in clastic sequences written by way of invited experts at the topic. those papers current a large and deep insurance that improve our wisdom approximately carbonate cementation in quite a few clastic depositional environments, tectonic settings and burial histories. The publication might be of designated curiosity to researchers, petroleum geologists and academics and scholars on the postgraduate point. while you're a member of the overseas organization of Sedimentologists, for buying info, please see:

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M. ( 1 992) Petrology of modem carbonate hard­ grounds from East Basin Lake, a saline maar lake, south Australia. Sediment. Geol. , 8 1 , 2 1 5-229. F. ( 1 99 1 ) Early diagenetic dolomite con­ cretions in the late Cretaceous Herring Formation, eastern Marlborough, New Zealand. Sediment. Geol. , 75, 1 25- 1 40. D. ( 1 994) Mixing zone origin of 1 3 C­ depleted calcite cement: Osberg Formation sandstones (Middle Jurassic), Veslefrikk Field, Norway. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 58, 266 1 -2675. D. S.

Elongate concretions occur alone or in irregularly shaped groups with similar orientations. -� thin units of elongate concretions and 340 nodules and rhizocretions � 320 scattered nodules and rhizocretions Sand ···· s on co�n�c�re�ti� ga�t�e� tt�er�e�d�e�lo�n� sc� a� Dominate nd�·§ '-' ·· =================== � � � . "n�its t� y� typ'.! " . ::;;·:::;;::;m: . Fluvtal :. :.. · f=== .. :. ,,,.. , .. ,... �: "'""'"""" 1 scatttered ovoid and elongate concretions following crossbedding. ·Eolian:· 40 20 �FI; ;-;T,;J7:-c:J +----------------'1 f : Fluvial·: km--- ------.

P. ( 1 992) A 25 Holocene calcrete from North Yorkshire, England: im­ plications for interpreting paleoclimates using calcretes. Sedimentology, 39, 33 3-347. L. R. ( 1 990) A giant carbon dioxide accumulation in the Norphlet Formation, Pisgash Anticline, Mississippi. G. ), pp. 1 8 1 -203. Springer Verlag, Berlin. F. D. ( 1 988) Isotopic imprint of climate and hydrogeochemistry on terrestrial strata of the Triassic-Jurassic Hartford and Fundy Rift Basins. J. sediment. , 58, 80 1 -8 1 1 . SuESS, E.

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