By Lindsey Hall, Leigh Cohn


This intimate self-help guidebook bargains a whole realizing of bulimia and a plan for restoration. It contains a two-week software to prevent bingeing, principles for activities rather than bingeing, a consultant for aid teams, particular suggestion for family, and "Eat with out Fear," Lindsey Hall's tale of her self-cure, which has encouraged hundreds of thousands of different bulimics.

This twenty fifth anniversary version updates all info from prior variants, with extra fabric on evaluate, new diagnostic different types, males and bulimia, evidence-based remedy, family-assisted restoration, the impression of media (including the Internet), the necessities of "long-term recovery," and lots more and plenty extra. Drawing on its confirmed song checklist of luck, Bulimia: A consultant to restoration comprises enter from four hundred recovered bulimics and is full of helpful counsel for therapists, educators, bulimics, and their enjoyed ones.

"...answers universal questions about bulimia...also presents tales and insights from recovered & recuperating bulimics, together with the author's personal experiences."

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