By Yan Li, D X-Q Dai

Biomechanical engineering permits wearers to accomplish the top point of convenience, healthy and interplay from their garments as they're designed with the mechanics of the physique in brain. this allows items to be built which are in particular designed for the mechanics in their finish function (e.g. activities bra) in addition to the standard flow of the physique. this is often the 1st e-book to systematically describe the thoughts of biomechanical engineering rules, equipment, machine simulation, measurements and functions. Biomechanical Engineering of Textiles and garments addresses problems with designing and generating textiles and garments for maximum interplay and call with the physique. It covers the basic theories, rules and versions at the back of layout and engineering for the human body's biomechanics, touch difficulties coming up among textiles/clothing and the physique and the mechanics of fibers, yarns, textiles and garments. fabric houses are mentioned in terms of mechanical functionality. it is also assurance of the garments Biomechanical Engineering process constructed on the Hong Kong Polytechnic collage and its linked versions and databases. The ebook concludes with functional examples of garments functions to demonstrate tips to perform biomechanical engineering layout for particular functions.

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The lateral strain can be determined by van Wyk’s equation,18 in which the compressional stress is inversely proportional to the cube of the specific volume. The van Wyk equation was derived from the assumption that the fibers in the fiber mass are randomly distributed, and it is valid for small compression strain only. But it has been demonstrated28,29 that the inverse cubic relationship between the compression stress and bulk volume is quite satisfactory for larger strains and aligned fibers.

As the cohesion of unstrained fiber assemblies is relatively poor, this leads to difficulties both in applying the uniaxial load and in recording the various Poisson ratio parameters. Since the mechanical responses of a fibrous assembly are highly nonlinear, and the tangent compliance matrix must be updated frequently with the changing yarn configuration, a very large data base containing the values of the compliances corresponding to different load cases is required. This cannot be justified, especially when exploring the mechanical properties of new yarn structures.

By adding to the number and complexity of arrangements of the springs and dashpots, a complete representation of the mechanical behavior of fibers, exhibiting not only the four effects mentioned above, but also the dynamic properties, which vary with frequency, and nonlinear relations between extension, load, and time, can be obtained. However, there is a limit to such an approach, if all the stress values of a given sequence are doubled, all the strain values will also double. It is often not true for a fiber.

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