By Carl M. Evans

Atari Basic-Faster and Better

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Carl M. Evans

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We will call this number MEMLO. Likewise, the top of available memory is stored somewhere. I have seen many different methods used to reserve a block of memory so that it is safe from being modified by BASIC or the operating system. Many of these involve moving the apparent top of memory. I recommend against using any of those techniques. RAMTOP changes are only safe after the program has executed a GRAPHICS command for the highest graphics mode that is used anywhere in the program, and even then the reserved memory isn't truly safe.

MEMLO is not updated for a LOAD or a RUN. A curious tidbit is that even SYSTEM RESET does not trigger an update of MEMLO under normal conditions. BAS fixes it so NEW, RUN, LOAD and SYSTEM RESET will reset the pointers to the place you specify. BASIC Variable Lister Many times I have been writing a program and mis-typed a variable name. I have found it useful to have a way to quickly and easily obtain a complete list of all of the variable names in a program. There are several programs on the market such as VERV AN'S FULMAP that will generate a complete list of variable names along with the lines that they are used in.

This kind of TRAP is set to alert you that the printer is not ON after you have tried to send something to it. " but the significance ofthis is that the error was intercepted and a message was sent to you so you could correct the error without crashing the program! This is a technique that you should incorporate into all of the programs that you write. This may sound easy, but you will find that it really isn't. The problem is that the TkAP stays set until something trips it or another TRAP command is executed.

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