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Cooperative security associations exist where states cooperate with, and take into account, the security needs of the other states in the grouping (association). However, and for the purpose of the analogy made here, this component of a cooperative security association is compatible with the convergence of interests and long-term cooperation necessary to the existence of a security community. Amitav Acharya, “Re: Research Trip to Singapore — An Investigation of Security Community Framework in Southeast Asia” (Email, 2001 [cited 21 September 2001]).

85 The concept of integration also provides a conceptual link to the empirical aspects of “security” — together with the level of economic capacity that adequate security entails — because the “process” of pursuing security creates the “outcome” of integration for both state economies and their security apparatuses at the interstate and/or regional level. 87 The concept of integration is further linked to the concept of “community” because a community should be viewed as a continuation of a process of integration that moves beyond integration’s traditional boundaries through the consideration of the relationship between “nation” and “state”.

S. Nathan, ISEAS, Singapore, 26 May 2004 and 6 December 2001 in the context of Singapore and its forward defence plan along with the country’s bilateral relations; interview with Dato Mohamed Jawhar Bin Hassan, ISIS Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 13 December 2001. It is important to note that Emmers’ reference was in fact to cooperative security associations. Cooperative security associations exist where states cooperate with, and take into account, the security needs of the other states in the grouping (association).

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