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This e-book is filled with transparent revision notes and examination perform questions for AS Maths scholars. It covers the C1, C2, S1, M1 and D1 modules for the Edexcel examination, and it’s effortless to learn and revise from - everything’s defined easily and punctiliously. each few pages there are quickly warm-up questions, a few exam-style questions and on the finish of every module there are perform examination papers (answers on the back). There’s additionally a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the temper. It’s precisely what you must arrange in your checks!

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Extra info for AS-Level Mathematics Edexcel: Complete Revision & Practice

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G. Remember to rewrite the equation as a power of x... -2 y = 12 = x x See page 2 for more on negative powers. 1 2 Power Laws: Write the square root as a power of x... and use that very same formula. Differentiation’s much easier if you know the Power Laws really well. Like knowing that x1 = x and √x = x 1 2 A constant always differentiates to 0 — see below. See page 2 for more info. Differentiate each term in an equation Separately This formula is better than cake — even better than that really nice sticky black chocolate one from that place in town.

C 3x 2 - 2 7 + 2 m dx = x x # ` 3x 3 Do each of these bits separately. 2 -2 - 2x 2 + 7x j dx 1 1 2 -1 3x 2x 7x = 3 - 1 + 1+C ^ 2h 3 7 = x -4 x - x+C Check your answers: You can check you’ve integrated properly by differentiating the answer — you should end up with the thing you started with. Indefinite integrals — joy without limits... This integration lark isn’t so bad then — there’s only a couple of things to remember and then you can do it no problem. But that constant of integration catches loads of people out — it’s so easy to forget — and you’ll definitely lose marks if you do forget it.

E. |a| < 1) the graph is squashed vertically. e. y = –2x3 + 8x. e. y = 31 x 3 - 43 x . Writing ‘ax’ instead of ‘x’ stretches, squeezes or reflects the graph horizontally. 1) Negative values of ‘a’ reflect the basic shape in the y-axis. e. if |a| > 1) the graph is squashed horizontally. e. if |a| < 1) the graph is stretched horizontally. e. y = x - 2x . e. y = –27x3 + 12x. 33 C1 SectionMain 4 — Practice Heading Questions There you go then... a section on various geometrical things. And in a way it was quite exciting, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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