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Cpp files and do the Arduino environment launch. It means just open the Arduino and then go to Sketch>Import Library menu. Here you will find Morse inside. dot(); delay(3000); } Let us see what differences exist after we made the duplication. First thing to notice is the #include statement at the top. Doing this includes this sketch in code that will be sent to the board and make the library accessible to the sketch. You do not have to include library. Delete the #include statement for library to save space.

List()); // Uses the first port in this list (number 0). Change this to // select the port corresponding to your Arduino board. g. 9600) is the speed of the communication. begin() in your // Arduino sketch. list()[0], 9600); // If you know the name of the port used by the Arduino board, you // can specify it directly like this. sIXezX5ihMSuXzZtk3ai1mXRSczoCS32hAydeyXNEu5SHyS xqZqbd3ZLdera1iPqYxOm++v7SUSz -----------end_max5_patcher----------- */ Processing Code Use the connection shown in code sample.

Txt file that you create within that Morse directory. Morse KEYWORD1 dash KEYWORD2 dot KEYWORD2 Each class you mention is written in this way. Name of the class and the keyword you assign to it. Then use a tab without space to go to next class. Here again you write the next keyword and so on. KEYWORD1 will all have orange color while the KEYWOR2 will take up brown color. Restart Arduino environment and the new keywords will take effect. Now if you plan to include working examples within your sketch, do place example directory within Morse directory.

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