By Robert G. Maliva

This ebook offers an outline of concepts which are on hand to symbolize sedimentary aquifers. Groundwater circulate and solute shipping are strongly plagued by aquifer heterogeneity. better aquifer characterization can enable for a greater conceptual realizing of aquifer platforms, which can result in extra exact groundwater versions and winning water administration recommendations, resembling contaminant remediation and controlled aquifer recharge platforms. This ebook has an utilized viewpoint in that it considers the practicality of concepts for real groundwater administration and improvement initiatives by way of expenses, technical assets and services required, and research time. A dialogue of the geological motives, varieties, and scales of aquifer heterogeneity is first supplied. Aquifer characterization tools are then mentioned, via chapters on facts upscaling, groundwater modelling, and geostatistics. This ebook is a needs to for each practitioner, graduate scholar, or researcher facing aquifer characterization .

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The effective permeability of sand packets, for example, will be determined largely by the lower permeabilities of the bounding units, which will control their ultimate through-flow capabilities (Pryor 1973). Evaluation of connectivity is critical to quantifying heterogeneity for the purpose of hydrogeological investigations (Anderson 1997), and there is still the need to further develop and refine sedimentological techniques to identify and quantify connectivity among hydrofacies (Anderson et al.

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If a groundwater model proves to provide erroneous predictions, then the underlying conceptual model should be reevaluated. References Adams, E. W. (1992) Field study of dispersion in a heterogeneous aquifer. 2. Spatial moment analysis. Water Resources Research, 28, 3293–3307. Anderson, M. P. (1997) Characteriztion of geological heterogeneity. In G. Dagan, & S. P. ), Subsurface Flow and Transport: A Stochastic Approach (pp. 23–43). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 22 1 Aquifer Characterization and Properties Anderson, M.

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