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That the US and its lifestyle are finishing, there's not the slightest doubt. yet for what cause, and in what demeanour, and what can in all probability come subsequent? What occurs within the hole among worlds, whilst the hot is barely dimly glimpsed like a miles shore within the evening, and the outdated is disappearing so quickly there appears to be like no good flooring final? Questions of first issues and of final issues unavoidably come up. this can be the location of our iteration. this can be our place, in addition to our generation—at the very finish of the USA, and the very starting of whatever new. every thing is dissolving so fast that not anything is still of the sea-foam desires of our unsatisfied formative years. what's occurring to us—it is like our too-brief reminiscences of belonging are already being became crystalline memories of a bygone international. So we're as Ancients, we, fingering our threadbare fragments of reminiscence amassed from this demise civilization. Is it long past, then, this complete form of an international? We welcome its passing. is that this the longer term speeding in the direction of us? We needs to prepared ourselves. we're the basically ones who've rather all started, simply because we're the simply ones who've began to think.

Everything starts in inspiration.

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The priceless marbles that adorned every wealthy villa are destroyed or buried in the mud, the classics are burned so that we have only fragments: the lecture notes of students of Aristotle for example, or what the Christians polemically preserved of the monu43 mental work of Porphyry (which so endangered this absurd, obviously contradictory and nonsensical religion that they had to make it disappear from this world). The masters are punished by not having lived up to the greatness of their own ideals in philosophy, by not having founded a true Republic, and at the end by having lost all self-control and appreciation for their own culture.

It broke with 18th century British Liberalism in the name of 18th century British Liberalism and created a provincial system of 18th century British Liberalism. This is why the professions of independence, 54 liberty, and so forth are quite hollow. They are a provincial version of something already existing. This British Liberalism then is allowed to continue effectively unchanged because the country has vast wealth and size acting as a safety valve to the society's contradictions. As Dickens wrote in a letter to a friend while visiting America, he foresaw this country would forever ruin the Liberal principles he stood for, on the basis of embodying them to the letter.

America could have equally remained a colony of Great Britain with greater autonomy, or leave (which, since Britain was foolish enough to force the issue, it ended up doing). Whereas 1789 could not have been anything other than remaking the French nation: it could have taken many twists and turns differently than it did, it might have ended in a constitutional monarchy along the lines of England. But even then it would have been the direct contradiction, a total revolution in principle from the divine, untrammelled right of kings.

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