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This implies that Prolog is waiting to be asked a question about its database. The examples in this book will include this prompt for convenience, so that they relate more closely to what can be seen on the screen. If an example does not contain this prompt, it is usually because an assertion is being made, and not a query. In this case, use the command consul t or a text editor, as explained in the following pages. Initially, Prolog will not have a database, and so one will have to be programmed.

GvHv ... vPvQv ... Provided all variables in the sentences are universally quantified, resolution is achieved by first unifying the sentences so that one atom is the same in both sentences. This is then removed from the combined sentences. For example consider, (x)(y)(B(F(x)) & C(y)~ A(x)) and (z)(w)(D(G(z))~ B(z) & C(w)) Here, B(F(x)) will unify with (z)F(x). This term can therefore be removed to 24 Logic Programming get the combined sentence: (x)(y)(w)(C(y) & D(G(F(x))) -*(xj v C(w)) If the same atomic formula appears both on the left hand side of one rule and on the right hand side of another, then the clause obtained by fitting them together and missing out the duplicated formula, follows from them.

Wholesaler (bgrn) . wholesaler(direct). manufacturer(acme). manufacturer(bosfit). rnanufacturer(bgrn). These clauses are intended to assert that: Smiths are retailers BHS are retailers BGM are wholesalers Direct are wholesalers ACME are manufacturers Bosfit are manufacturers BGM are manufacturers Suppose that it is required to find out whether Smiths is a retailer and a wholesaler. - no retailer(smiths),wholesaler(smiths). Suppose it is required to find out who is a manufacturer and also a wholesaler.

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