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Tiirkii v111 a v a v l a s a r the final consonant of the prefix is sometimes 'when he goes hunting' Ix. 9 ; v m ff. e r avka: doubled. Other such prefixes are listed below. l. U y R v111ff. Bud. for a possible occurrence see 2 a p : Xak. xr ap/ep '3 streng- x a n l l k siisi: avka: iinmi:g 'the army of the Khanate set out on a hunt' do. 63: IJyfl. vrlr ff. thening and intensifying particle' (Izarf ta'kid Bud. b i r i n a v k a b a r m a r ~ l a r 'do not go rua mubdla~a); to describe something 'partihunting monkeys' U I V 28, 2 5 : Xak.

Kazax, NC language, para. 59. -W. Leb. Leh. Ligeti lit. LOC. Code letter, para. 15. loan-word. Lebed, N E dialect, para. 57. Lelzce-i Osmaniye, para. 62. Prof. L. Ligeti, para. 27. literal, literally. Locative case. , MSS. Mal. Man. -uig. Frag. Mel. metaph. Mon. Mon. V. Mong. Muh. Code letter, para. 1 5 . , para. 20 (2) (b). Makhmudov and Musabaev, para. 57. zabbat NCma, para. 4 2 . manuscript, manuscripts. S. Ye. Malov, para. zo ( 2 ) (b). ), paras. 20 (2) (e), 21 (3) (b). -A dialect. para. 20 (2) (e).

Both u g a n 'having power over all things' (ai-qadtr 1 to:z and tu:z are so described to distinguish 'ala'l-ayyi), hence God is called u g a n tegri: them from to:z and tti:z, but, if some contrast 'almighty God' K q . B. , rences of U:-) u:ganqa: 'to the best of your U not o, since ii: is not a very likely sound for ability' 1 4 4 , 2: K B u g a n b i r b a y a t 'the one an exclamation; see 2 1:. X a k . lorf inkfir) to obey an 549, 721 u g a n q a (mis-spelt rr@trp) 4256: order' ( h b y . 40).

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