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That the powers at war might take some view toward the rights of neutrals different from the conventions of the past, was unthought-of . That a fixed neutrality could lead to dangerous and ceaseless international political debate over complex legalisms like freedom of the seas and contraband and continuous voyage, none foresaw . By late September, however, the concealed possibilities were becoming all too apparent. The British were halting American ships farther out at sea than international law permitted, and our neutrality policy was built around international law .

His position in the Wilson "Little Cabinet" required his close study of foreign affairs . Since Versailles he has had a sentimental attachment for the League of Nations idea, because it was the child of a man he admired, Wilson. Later he came to a more practical internationalism . Through the banking crisis and the goldstandard dilemma of 1933 Roosevelt learned, the minute he entered the White House, that the breadth of the Atlantic Ocean cannot, for instance, free the United States' financial problems, in good times or bad, from the influence of European financial problems .

On a small scale, like the force itself, the army is thoroughly up to date on anti-aircraft guns, in the newest artillery ordnance, in tanks and anti-tank guns (using a model developed in the Spanish Civil War), and in machine guns . Since the World War, the army has been heavily mechanized and motorized . The civilian unconcern about the military in normal times has left Congress usually unwilling to let the War Department spend the money it wished for buying replacement equipment . So many National Guard troops are using material handed down from 1918, which in many respects is in the military dark ages .

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