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The deity may also be identified with Takki-raja, his usual Mantra being "Om Takki hum jah jah", which is explicitly called By6d6-6-shingon, hereby establishing an additional connection between the deities. A secret tradition quoted by the Byakzlh&sho states that there are two forms of Emma-ten, the peaceful appearance of which is called B y 6 d 6 - ~ . ~ ' CHAPTER IV Indian and Tibetan Deities Parallel to Aizen-my66 w hereas the deities of the Japanese Mikky6 pantheon usually have their roots or counterparts in India, no direct prototype for Aizen-my66 as we have described him above is traceable either in the homeland of Buddhism or in Tibet.

58. Fig. I3 Aizen Shooting at the Stars (Tenkyii-Aizen). Besson-zakki, TZ 3, 462, fig. 185. ,. Jind6-ji near Nara. Late Heian Aizen or the "Aizen with the Heavenly Bow" (de l'arc c61este),14 or, translated more freely, "Aizen Aiming at the Stars". The Kakuzen-sho actually calls this version "icon shooting at heaven" (shaten-zF). In this variant he is represented with his bow shooting more or less vertically into the space of heaven. 15 But E'un (798-869), another early pilgrim to China, also is mentioned for his close connection with ~ e n k ~ i i - ~ i z eHne.

Especially the T6ji School of Shingon Buddhism seems to have focused its interest onto this disk as the essential symbol of Aizen. 102 'O' Quoted TZ 5, TZ j, 252, 2-3. Io4 TZ 10,1035, I. Ioi SZS 34, 661. 106 I07 108 109 I10 252, 2. TZ 9,301, 2. TZ 5, 252,I-2. Illusrrated Tanabe and Ariga 1990,138, pl, j1 Ihid. 139, pl. 52. TZ 9,301,2. Fig. 6 Aizen-my66, early variant holding a sun disk. 5 cm. Late Heian Period, 12th century. M. Hosomi collection, Osaka. The Asubu-sh6 says that this disk is sometimes, erroneously, explained as a lunar disk, so that Aizen is then to be regarded as sitting on the solar orb, shooting with his arrow at the stars and grasping the moon with his fist, thereby subjugating all the "three luminous beings" (sdnkii).

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