By Petr Biskup

This monograph addresses concerns, levels and adverbials. It proposes that there's a correlation among the part constitution, the tripartite quantificational constitution and the data constitution of the sentence. This correlation performs an incredible function not just in referential and information-structural houses of arguments and the verb but in addition in adverbial houses. for example, the examine indicates that convinced sentence adverbials can happen within the sentence-final place within the vice president section once they characterize the extraordinary price with recognize to the set of concentration possible choices. The proposed correlation additionally turns into vital in anaphoric kinfolk with appreciate to adjuncts. in simple terms an R-expression spelled out and interpreted within the CP section of an accessory clause can corefer with the coindexed pronoun. The learn additionally discusses adverbial ordering and indicates that the relative order of definite adverbials will be reversed in the event that they happen in several levels. The monograph will attract syntacticians and linguists drawn to the connection among syntax and its interfaces.

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Following Diesing (1992), I assume that bare plurals introduce a variable and that the generic interpretation arises through a covert generic operator that binds the appropriate variable if the bare plural DP occurs in its restrictive clause. In the case of the generic interpretation of the vP-internal object in (21b), the object is covertly moved, so that it appears in the restrictive clause of the generic operator at the semantic interface. Thus, in the case of the generic interpretation, the only difference between (21b) and (21c) is that in the first case movement of the object is covert, whereas in the second case it is overt.

31. Chomsky also calls the EPP-features P(eripheral)-features (2000), OCC(urrence) features (2004) or edge-features (2005 [2008]). For details see the cited papers.  Adverbials and the Phase Model (36) a. Pavel1 dětem2 [vP odpoledne t1 pošle t2 dopisy3]. ’ b. Pavel1 dopisy3 [vP odpoledne t1 pošle dětem t3]. ’ Recall that the EPP-feature on the head v cannot be checked by external merge. One expects that the EPP-feature moves the closer element. In this way, according to Rackowski & Richards (2005), object shift works in Icelandic or Tagalog.

This is in accordance with the proposed analysis, on which the object stays in situ in the vP phase in (15b). (19) a. nom all in the afternoon all zastřelila (všechny) psy]. ’ b. acc all in the afternoon (všechny) zastřelila (všechny)]. ’  Adverbials and the Phase Model Example (19b), a modified version of (15c), illustrates that the quantifier can appear between each of the two elements in the sentence, plus in the final position, where it marks the base position of the object, given the fact that Czech is a VO language.

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