By Juan José Aguilar Martin, José Antonio Yagüe Fabra

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Double flank roll tester 2D model for micro gear testing Conclusions Considering the findings and research done in this study, it is concluded as feasible the use of the double flank roll testing as verification technique for micro gears. The final design of the tester shows big challenges due to the micro gear dimension and the measurement resolution required, which implies a complex mechanical design of the gears and the flexible fixtures. It is important to point out that the micro gear should not be damaged during the test and this will depend on the perfect fit of the installation to the dimensional range required.

4] AGMA 915-2-A05 Inspection Practices - Part 2: Cylindrical Gears - Radial Measurements. [5] IS0 1328, Cylindrical gears - IS0 system of accuracy. Part 1, 1995-02 /Part 2, 1997-08. [6] DIN 3963 Tolerances for cylindrical gear teeth-Tolerances for working deviations. [7] AGMA 935-A05 Recommendations to the Evaluation of Radial Composite Gear Double Flank Testers. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 45 Double flank roll testing as verification technique for micro gears R. Acero Cacho1,a*, J. Santolaria Mazo2,b, M.

E) With TTP1, TPC and PMP, it is possible to conduct continuous control of the geometric accuracy and thermal deformations of some of the parts of the machine tool by measuring the relative position of the datum surfaces of the table of the machining centre that orient the workholding devices. F) Using TTP2, TRS and PMP, the condition, integrity and thermal deformations of the cutting tool can be set and controlled both in its idle and working stages. Based on these formulated tasks, the system is divided into specialised, stand-alone blocks for solving each task (Fig.

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