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P ROOF. Just define F to be the free abelian group on the basis A \ {0}. 2 on page 41. If A has a finite generating set S = { a1 , . . , an }, we can define F to be a free abelian group whose basis is precisely S. The same argument as that used above constructs the homomorphism f . 8. 4) A∼ = F ⊕ Zn ⊕ · · · ⊕ Zn 1 k where F is free-abelian. P ROOF. Let { a1 , . . , an } be a generating set for A. Define G to be the freeabelian group on basis { x1 , . . 6 on the previous page implies that the kernel, K is also free abelian on some basis {y1 , .

Show that im f ⊂ H is a subgroup 5. 7 on page 19), show that the function f : R → S1 mapping x ∈ R to eix ∈ S1 is a homomorphism. What is its kernel? 6. Show that the map f:Z i is a homomorphism. → Zn → i (mod n) 7. 3. Cyclic groups Cyclic groups are particularly easy to understand since they only have a single generator. 1. Let G be a cyclic group (1) If | G | = n, then G is isomorphic to Zn . (2) If | G | = ∞, then G is isomorphic to Z. R EMARK . When | G | ∼ = Z, it is called an infinite cyclic group.

G2 y · g1 y · g2 xy · g1 xy · g2 ...    ...    ··· where we perform the permutation defined by f (y) and then (in the middle row) apply the permutation defined by f ( x ). The composite — from top to bottom — is a permutation equal to 1 xy f ( xy) = g1 xy · g1 g2 xy · g2 ... which proves the conclusion. 2. A cycle, denoted by a symbol (i1 , . . , ik ) with i j = i for j = represents the permutation that maps i j to i j+1 for all 1 ≤ j < k and maps ik to i1 . If a cycle has only two indices (so k = 2) it is called a transposition.

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