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At the instant of junction formation, energy bands of the trivalent impurity atoms in the P-region are at a slightly higher level than those of the pentavalent impurity atoms in the N-region as shown in Fig. 36. It is so because core attraction for valence electrons (+3) in a trivalent atom is less than the core attraction for valence electrons (+5) in a pentavalent atom. Consequently, trivalent valence electrons are in slightly higher orbit and, hence, at a higher energy level. However, there is some over-lap between respective bands of the two regions.

The name saturation has been used because we cannot get minority current more than what is produced by thermal energy. In other words, IS does not increase with increase in reverse bias. IS is found to increase approximately 7 percent per 0ºC rise in temperature both for Ge and Si. 07) = 2, it means that reverse current doubles for every 10ºC rise in temperature. It is worth noting that reverse saturation current is also referred to as leakage current of the P-N junction diode. With reverse bias, energy hill becomes too steep for majority carriers to go up the hill and cross over.

6. Reverse breakdown voltage (VBR). It is discussed in Art. 3. reverse voltage 7. Reverse dc resistance RR = reverse current (f) Applications The main applications of semiconductor diodes in modern electronic circuitry are as under : 1. As power or rectifier diodes. They convert ac current into dc current for dc power supplies of electronic circuits. 2. As signal diodes in communication circuits for modulation and demodulation of small signals. 3. As Zener diodes in voltage stabilizing circuits.

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