By Kevin Glowacki

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Just as the mind of the speaker first turns towards the words, in the same way, the attention of the hearers also is first directed towards them. 2 This stage consisting in grasping the form of the word, is GO VAKYAPADIYAM 1. 55. 3 There4 fore, all words capable of conveying all meaning, fi~t attain supreme importance (se~ib1vavahi4thlim) and then become secondary to the conveying of the meaning. [1. PratiSabdaryt paritall paricchinnun ~ present a quality as connected with action only sometimes.

Either the individual is the name 'Of the universal 'Orthe universal is the name 'Ofthe individual. e. grammatical 'Operatian). The universal is never uttered as unconnected with the individual. Nor is the individual ever 72 \ t ! \ 1( VAKYAPADIYAM OF BHARTRHARI brought into use unconnected with the universal. The speakers' intention differs according to his purpose. One of the two is the main thing and the other comes inevitably with it. That it is the universal on which the action is to be done according to the Science of Grammar or that it is the individual that is so is only a difference in the statement (in particular cases).

And appears to have the various movements of water etc. 1 ~ r. 50, 57 [1. There are different views about the nature of a reflection: (1) In the presence of the original, a luminous object likevirater is affected and seems to reflect the original, but it is only a change in the water. There is no reflection apart from the water. (2) The reflection exists in the water apart from it and has the original as its material cause. , see the original and. that seeing is the reflection. According to the first view (tattvapak$a) the reflection appears to be in the water and to have its movements, but it is only the water which one sees in that condition.

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