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A Qualitative Study of Air Pollutants from Road Traffic 23 Analyzer for nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2,) works on the principle of chemiluminescence. Gas sample is first filtered through a filter that can have a Teflon membrane. Nitric oxide present in the sample reacts with ozone generated within the analyzer, producing nitrogen dioxide in the excited state. It emits electromagnetic radiation that is detected and measured by photomultiplier tube, being proportional to the concentration of NO in the sample.

When the sample gas replaces the reference gas the luminous intensity is measured and then the system calculates the difference which is proportional to the mass of ozone contained in the cell. To obtain a relationship of proportionality between light intensity and amount of light absorbed, the ozone analyzer was equipped with a temperature and pressure compensator which includes a temperature converter and a pressure converter. To measure the particulate matters (PM), the element oscillating microbalance (Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance- TEOM) could be used or a device based on beta radiation.

Rafailidis, S. , 1997, A Comprehensive Experimental Databank for the Verification of Urban Car Emission Dispersion Models, Int. J. Environ. Pollut. 8, 738–746. , 1999, Wind Tunnel Measurements of Concentration Fluctuations in an Urban Street Canyon. Atmospheric Environment 33, 3961–3971. J. 97, to appear in the series Report of Research Center for Urban Safety and Security in March 1998. , 2008a, Study of the air pollution regional variability, PhD Thesis. 4, 1099-1114. , 2009, Characterization of Traffic-Generated Pollutants in Bucharest, Atmosfera, Mexic, Vol.

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