By E.G. Browne

Browne's well-known paintings, first released in 1902, used to be the fundamental textual content on literary heritage in Persian experiences for a few years. As an summary of Persian literature from the earliest instances until eventually Firdawsi, it is still a worthy reference. Out of print for it slow, it truly is now reissued as a library variation, in facsimile to catch the texture of the unique version.

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In order to avoid constant digressions and explanations in the following chapters, it may be well to give in this place a general account of the varieties of literary composition recognised by the Persians, the rhetorical figures of which they make such frequent use, and the metres employed in their poetry. Of these and other kindred matters I should have considered it necessary to treat more fully had it not been for the admirable account of them prefixed by my friend the late Mr. E. J. W. Gibb to his monumental History of Ottoman Poetry, of which the first volume opens with a general discussion on Oriental thought, taste, poetry, and rhetoric, which applies not only to Turkish, but also to Persian, and, in large measure, to Arabic and other Muhammadan languages also.

Fitness of Arabic for scientific purposes. For a scientific language, indeed, Arabic is eminently fitted by its wealth of roots and by the number of derivative forms, each expressing some particular modification of the root-idea, of which each is susceptible. Let us illustrate this by two examples, the first drawn from the terminology of Medicine, the second formed after a perfectly sound analogy to express a quite modern idea. ) of the meaning connoted by the original verb. Of these ten conjugations, the tenth is commonly desiderative, and, if we substitute the numbers 1, 2, 3, for the first, second, and third letters of the triliteral root the general form of its verbal noun will be (Isti.

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