By Jules Verne

Jules Verne's vintage technological know-how fiction story sends Professor Von Hardwigg, his nephew Harry, and their advisor Hans via a crater in Iceland and into the earth. because the staff explores what's lower than the outer crust, they come upon many unusual and lovely attractions. Their travels from Iceland to Italy discover a misplaced international, awesome creatures, and hazardous adventures lower than us. sign up for the trek within the Calico Illustrated Classics model of Verne's A trip to the guts of the Earth.

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Hours passed and after having exhausted my strength, I fell along the side of the tunnel and lost consciousness. 62 10 The Whispering Tunnel When I came back to a sense of life, I found my face wet with tears. I had lost a great deal of blood after my fall. My first thought was to wonder why I was not dead. I crouched against the granite wall. When I felt faint again, I believed this was my last struggle before death. My ears suddenly heard the sound of a violent roaring. It had the sound of thunder!

My impatience grew! Suddenly, a loud and welcome hiss was heard. Then a jet of water burst through the wall with such force that it hit the opposite wall. I plunged my hands into the sparkling jet and gave a loud cry. ” I cried in disappointment. “Don’t worry,” my uncle said. ” Clouds of vapor filled the tunnel. Soon, the water cooled enough that we were able to drink. We swallowed in huge mouthfuls. After I had quenched my ravenous thirst, I made a discovery. The water tasted of minerals. My uncle suggested we name the stream after its founder, Hans.

I cried out and fell! ” My uncle turned and slowly walked back to me. “All is over,” he said. The last thing I saw was his face, full of pain and sorrow. Then, my eyes closed. 45 8 A New Route When I woke, I saw my uncle and Hans lying nearby, wrapped in their huge traveling rugs. Were they asleep or dead? I thought about my uncle’s last words. It was madness to think that we would ever again see the light of day. We lay for hours. In my stupor, something roused me. It was a slight, but peculiar noise.

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