By Ashwin Sanghi

The adventure of lifestyles isn't precisely effortless. a few humans make it via exertions and ability. a few fall by way of the wayside. and a few individuals are simply undeniable fortunate. they're blessed with Bloody reliable success! yet is it attainable to draw strong good fortune? do we teach ourselves to be fortunate? it seems that it appears Dame good fortune isn't that fickle. She is easily inside of our succeed in. In his first non-fiction foray, bestselling writer Ashwin Sanghi explores that serious, much-longed for aspect known as success. via wonderful and informative anecdotes, narrations of private reports and vignettes of homespun knowledge, Ashwin supplies us a complete new perception into how humans can paintings in the direction of being fortunate. it sounds as if good fortune isn't solely the accident that it truly is made out to be! nearly inspirational like Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie or Spencer Johnson, Ashwin Sanghi exhibits us a new aspect to his writing during this specific publication.

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Com. Grohol is a psychologist and founder of the Psych Central website. 44 Facts and Illustrations Why Do Teenagers Take Their Own Lives? • The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center says that more than 90 percent of teens who kill themselves suffer from a mental disorder such as depression or substance abuse. • According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression increases the risk of a first suicide attempt by at least 14-fold. • The American Psychiatric Association states that more than 50 percent of young people who commit suicide were substance abusers.

Her mother cries when she describes finding her only child dead. “She snapped,” she says. ”47 52 Does Bullying Drive Teenagers to Suicide? The “Bullycide” Debate The role that bullying plays in teen suicide is a topic of controversy. No one disputes the fact that young people taking their own lives is tragic. The debate revolves around whether bullying can cause teens to kill themselves or rather is one of many possible contributing factors. In referring to the highly publicized suicides of teens who were victims of bullying, school security expert Ken Trump writes: I certainly do not question whether these kids were bullied.

But I am also not convinced that bullying [by] itself is the sole cause of teens taking their own life. Being “bullied to death” makes quite a media headline and soundbite. 48 Trump says that he can understand how bullying could be the “last straw” for teens who are troubled by mental health issues and how it could potentially push them over the edge. But he is convinced that the premise of bullycide, or teens being bullied to death, deflects attention from the deeper role of existing mental health problems.

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