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This ebook was once written for somebody utilizing Linux, from new clients to specialists who are looking to discover this glorious working process. the guidelines and tips during this booklet have been chanced on on my own over years of expertise utilizing Linux, and studying approximately it. a few are very easy easy methods to make your computing existence more straightforward, others are complicated methods that could prevent days of work.I attempted to hide all distributions of Linux during this booklet. I personaly use Slackware and RedHat on computing device structures. if you happen to locate any errors within the e-book, be happy to touch me so a destiny moment version may possibly right them.

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38 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 7: Find hardware information When the Linux system boots, it will try to detect the hardware installed in the computer. It will then make a fake file system called procfs and will store important information about your system in it. You can get information about your system simply by browsing the directory /proc. The files in there will contain information such as the processor you have, the amount of memory and the file systems the kernel currently supports. A usefull application exists to browse the /proc file system.

37 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 6: Detecting an ISA device ISA devices like modems should be detected automatically by the kernel. One case where they would not be detected is if the device is Plug and Play. The kernel won't be able to detect ISA PnP devices unless they have been prepared by a program called isapnptools. The trick is to use this program in initiation scripts. It will detect the ISA PnP devices and make them available to kernel modules and applications. For example if you want to access an ISA PnP sound card, you will need to compile sound as a module in the kernel, and use isapnptools before loading the module.

A usefull application exists to browse the /proc file system. html: 39 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 8: Blinking leds on the keyboard Keyboard leds are pretty boring. Usualy you know if the num lock is on or if you are writing in upper case letters. Could we make them do something more useful? Of course. The keyboard leds can be controlled by a device driver called the misc driver. That driver can control all kinds of misc things. You could write your own driver to make them blink or light up at any system event.

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